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Poison Help Logo Guidelines

The Poison Help logo  is owned and trademarked by the American Association of Poison Control Centers (AAPCC). This logo was created for poison control centers, AAPCC, and the Health Resource Serviced Administration (HRSA) to use as a tool to increase the American public’s awareness of the 1-800-222-1222 poison control hotline. AAPCC member poison control centers and poison education centers are encouraged to use the Poison Help logo to promote the national poison control center telephone number to the general public and healthcare professionals.

The official Poison Help logo can be used in grey scale, in color, or in white (kickout). The red on the can in the color logo is PMS 485. Beyond these options there is no alteration of any kind permitted by any individual or organization including but not limited to alteration of color, dimensions, or manipulation of the graphics. Note that earlier versions of the Poison Help logo included the letters TM indicating a trademark that is not yet registered. The Poison Help logo now has the ® designation, which indicates the logo is a registered trademark.

Adding text or graphics above, below, beside, or around the logo is not seen as altering the logo itself. For example, the Poison Help logo is frequently seen encircled with a red border. The red border is not officially part of the logo, yet it is not a violation of that logo. Several poison control centers choose to add the name of their center above or below the logo, which is also permitted as it is not altering the logo itself. The white bottle cap and skull are considered part of the logo and must remain white, but the background of the logo is not seen as an integral part of the logo itself. AAPCC allows poison control centers the right to use the logo on non-white backgrounds (a “kick-out” or reverse logo). In this case the can and lid will become the background color. AAPCC permits this variation to allow poison centers a degree of customization of their materials. AAPCC entrusts its poison control centers and poison prevention education centers to use the logo appropriately and ensure the logo is used on accurate, quality information. AAPCC retains the right to revoke use of the logo on any materials at any time for any reason.

Organizations that are not AAPCC member poison control centers, poison education centers, or HRSA must gain written permission from AAPCC before using the Poison Help logo on any materials for public or professional distribution or presentation. Non-AAPCC members, however, may reproduce materials created by AAPCC or its member poison control centers or poison education centers that already include the Poison Help logo without additional permissions for logo reproduction; they will be limited to whatever reproduction restrictions, copyright, and trademark allowance is found on the material in question itself.

As the central purpose of a trademark is to indicate a source of origin, the Poison Help logo implies use from a poison control center or the AAPCC. As such, AAPCC does not allow any organization that is not an AAPCC member or HRSA to use the logo unless it has been granted written permission to do so by the AAPCC. Consumers can easily associate the logo with poison expertise. If the Poison Help logo was used on a product that had inaccurate information in it, or misrepresented the beliefs, stance, or attitude of poison control centers, consumers could be in danger by taking medical advice they believe to come from poison specialists. Please inform AAPCC if you see the logo being used in an unauthorized fashion. If you have questions about appropriate use of the logo, or would like to request use of the logo, please contact AAPCC directly at or by calling 703-894-1858.



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