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National Poison Data System (NPDS)

The National Poison Data System (NPDS) is the data warehouse for the nation’s 55 poison control centers . Each poison control center submits de-identified case data to NPDS after providing necessary poison exposure management and information services to callers. This case information is uploaded to NDPS in near real time, making NPDS one of the few operational systems of its kind. Currently, the time to upload data for all poison control centers is 9.50 minutes [7.33, 14.6] (median [25%, 75%]).

This unique near real-time upload is the foundation of the NPDS surveillance system, making both spatial and temporal case volume and case based surveillance possible. Another NPDS feature is the ability to generate system alerts on adverse drug events and other drug or commercial products of public health interest like contaminated food or product recalls. Thus, NPDS can provide real-time adverse event monitoring, surveillance, resilience, response and situational awareness. 

Poison Help calls are managed by healthcare professionals who have received specialized toxicology training. A unique feature of poison control center case management is the use of follow-up calls to monitor case progress and medical outcome, which has resulted in a robust and comprehensive data set. Additionally, the NPDS products and substances database contains over 430,000 products ranging from viral and bacterial agents to commercial chemical and drug products. The products database is maintained and continuously updated by data analysts at the Micromedex Poisindex ® System. To learn more about Poisindex® or to register a product, click here .

For information about the data request process, please select the appropriate data request form (located below).

NPDS Resources:

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Each year, the AAPCC publishes an National Poison Data System (NPDS) annual report. Review the most recent reports.


NPDS monitors and tracks exposures to novel substances or outbreaks. Read about several of these topics, including laundry detergent packets and opioid medications.

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