of poison control centers


Please note that the date following the announcement is the date the position was posted.

Announcements are considered "open" until removed.

August 2022

Central Ohio Medical Toxicologist Position 08/15/2022

Michigan PCC SPI Position 08/03/2022

July 2022

Indiana PCC Clinical Operations Manager 07/21/2022

Connecticut PC SPI Position 07/08/2022

Jacksonville PC SPI Opening 07/08/2022

Kentucky PC CSPI Openings 07/08/2022

Washington PC SPI/CSPI Position 07/08/2022

June 2022

North Carolina PC Clinical Toxicologist Position 06/21/2022

Oregon PCC Remote CSPI Position 06/21/2022

Washington PCC Nurse SPI/CSPI Position 06/09/2022

Iowa PCC Pharmacist Specialist in Poison Information 06/02/2022

Iowa PCC RN Specialist in Poison Information 06/02/2022

May 2022

AAPCC Communications Specialist Opening 05/06/2022

Georgia PCC SPI/CSPI Opening 05/13/2022

Illinois PCC SPI Opening 05/20/2022

April 2022

Washington D.C. PC  CSPI Openings 04/09/2022

North Texas PC CSPI/SPI Opening 04/12/2022

Philadelphia PC CSPI Opening 04/19/2022


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